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Stay Tuned for Upcoming Events

Our 2017 schedule is still being fleshed out, and will be more abbreviated than previous years. We are hoping to try some new locations and events as well as previous venues from April-September. Due to other commitments, vacations, and travel plans, some dates may not be possible, but please check with us anyway. We will post dates as soon as we can. We are also seeking a few indoor gigs through the fall and winter.

Deerfield Fair

Deerfield, NH
Love this event!


Beverly Farm Market

Beverly, MA
Bring the kids!

Oct 2 Market

Beech Hill Farm

Hopkinton, NH
Love this event!

OCT 7 Festival

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MP3 Audio

The first selection is Boats to Build written by Guy Clark. We recorded it in our rehearsal studio after learning it two weeks earlier. We hope to be able to do more like this because it is how we sound today.

Some of the others are original demo recordings from way back when no one had ever heard of us. We went into Rebach Recording Studios. Roger Ebacher turned on the mics and we simply played and recorded them all live.

The session was HOT. Like about 99° F! We thought it would be important for people to hear what we sounded like in our live show rather than a polished and produced recording session.

Boats to Build

I Can't Find the Time
To Tell You

IF I Needed Someone

Hinkley of My Dreams

If You're Here
When I Get Back

(I Wanna Be)
Consequence Free

Space Oddity

Father Christmas

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About Those Stellwagen Guys


Stellwagen has been together as a duo since 2006. We played together previously in a classic rock band called Rust. This means we not only get along well, but we are comfortable exploring musical waters together.

Our first couple of years it was just for fun because we simply like music so much. Then we started playing out for private events and then benefits and parties. The response has always been flattering, so we decided to polish things up even more and take it to the street.

Duo Sonic

For a typical performance we don't require alot of space. There are only two players but we do bring several instruments each. We have a small PA we can set up almost anywhere, good for up to 250 people. For larger venues we expect to use the house PA or can provide a larger PA at added cost. When calling to book us, please keep that in mind. We are ideal to open for bigger name acts or can entertain a crowd for a full evening.

About Our Name

Our name reflects our connection to our locale and to the sea. Our name is derived from the famous Stellwagen Bank, the historic fishing grounds off the coast of Massachusetts. Stellwagen Bank is now a National Marine Sanctuary. Both Rob and Jim are avid sailors.


We won't play in any place where we have to compete with blaring TVs tuned to sports shows, or country western bars or anyplace that expects to dance or rock the night away. However, we do well in festivals, concerts, pubs, restaurants, function rooms or any place people go to enjoy good acoustic music. We aren't all soft and folky, but we aren't going to rock the roof off either.

So, whether it's simply as an opening act for another band, one of a group of acts for a benefit show, a house party or club event, please give us a look and a listen.


We aren't very demanding and are very affordable. We do believe that artists and musicians should be paid for what they provide. Our base rate for any kind of situation is $200 for the duo for up to two hours (2 sets) of live music. A three hour show (3 sets), is a $300 minimum but can be higher depending on distance and other factors.

Pro Bono

Some events simply do not have a budget for a group. We often will play for benefits, but only for worthy causes we also believe in. We understand how difficult it is to raise funds and cause awareness, so we will certainly try to help you out if we can.

Rob Brun

Rob Brun

Vocal, 12- and 6-string guitars, harmonica, percussion

Rob Brun is the co-founder of Stellwagen. After working with Jim in the 6-piece rock band Rust, where he played bass guitar and sang “extreme backing vocals,” he and Jim decided to retune for something a little quieter with gear that would all fit into one car. In Stellwagen, Rob plays his personally-built 1974 Brun 12-string guitar as rhythm to Jim’s lead guitar and mandolin. He can also be heard playing harmonica, tambourine and shaker egg as well (often at the same time, quite a sight!) and is currently looking for something to do with his right foot. Starting off primarily as a backing singer, Rob now trades off with Jim as lead singer on songs. After 35+ years, Rob is still trying to write that first song without much luck, although he has modified the words to a few tunes he’s “barrowed.” The song Hinkley of My Dreams based on Shindell’s Kenworth of My Dreams has lyrics by Rob.

And though he has not yet penned a song, Rob has published a novel called My Shadow. Not bad!

Rob started playing guitar back in the 70s on a stolen guitar (No, he didn’t steal it!) Needing a better instrument and finding he had more time than money, he soon started building guitars in the summer between semesters in college. He also still plays a custom Brun six-string dreadnought as well as a few hand-built electric guitars.

Rob grew up in a family where the radio was always on, His musical influences span six decades (he’s responsible for our Harold Arland number The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea which we cover) and every genre from big band to punk, but most strongly by the acoustic performers and bands from the late 70’s.

Primarily a professional fine artist, Rob is also a sailor "in-between" boats.

Jim Grenier

Jim Grenier

Vocals, guitar, mandolin

Jim has been playing in rock bands since grade school. Just prior to founding Stellwagen, he co-founded and sang lead and backing vocals in the classic rock band Rust with duties of rhythm guitar and blues harp. In Stellwagen, he primarily concentrates on guitar and vocals though he also plays harmonica, banjo, mandolin and slide guitar on occasion. He's built his own A-style mandolin and a hollowneck lapsteel guitar, as well as Native American cedar flutes.

Jim is also a songwriter with several songs featured in the Stellwagen set list. His tunes range from soft ballads to the more upbeat chantey-like Polish the Brass and Provincetown Girls. Jim is a latecomer to songwriting. After playing so many great songs during his musical career he thinks he knows what makes them work.

Many of Jim's songs are about life on and around the ocean, including songs about sailors and fishermen. Jim has been both, growing up on the water on the North Shore of Massachusetts. He worked on local fishing and party boats as a teenager and as a young man. Currently, he is a summertime sailor with an antique, gaff-rigged, wooden boat. So, when you hear us launch into an old traditional sea chantey, you can bet it's Jim's idea.

Jim's musical influences are as diverse as Tom Rush, The Seldom Scene, The Byrds, The Lovin' Spoonful, Everly Brothers, Paul Simon and The Beatles. He is a fan of open tunings and you may catch him quickly retuning his guitar between songs.

Jim is also an artist with his own graphics design studio. He claims to be one of the last of the general practitioners in the game and has been a pioneer in printing and internet technologies. He is as comfortable building cool websites as he is logos and illustrations.

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Photo Gallery

We don't travel with a photographer or videographer so we love it when fans send us photos from our gigs.

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